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At Stockings by Design we offer a wide selection of custom traditional Christmas stockings that were inspired by a time gone past.

Using carefully selected luxurious fabrics, each stocking is hand crafted and custom made.

Each Stocking is unique with no two stockings the same. As fabrics, colors, and designs vary, you are guaranteed a genuine one of a kind custom stocking.

Santa is coming to Town!
A selection of custom traditional Christmas stockings that were inspired by a time gone past.
A Christmas Stocking is all that’s needed to bring on the Christmas cheer.

And Christmas stockings are not just for the young. Everyone enjoys emptying out their Christmas stockings and many parents can share wonderful stories of the place of honor their stockings were hung and the super treats that filled them - from nuts and fruits to novelty gifts.

Whether it’s a hand-made stocking handed down from earlier generations or a brand new, personalized stocking for members of the family, Christmas stockings have been “hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicolas soon would be there” for centuries.

You also don’t need a fireplace to hang the stocking – you can use any piece of furniture, like the end of the bed, over a chair, a makeshift mantle or even a sturdy stocking holder. Each of these is an invitation for Santa to fill your stocking with goodies, treats and gifts.

You will certainly enjoy your new purchase.
Email ldioffice1@gmail.com or call us at (858) 243-0505.

A percentile of the proceeds from the sale of the stockings are donated to a good cause each year.

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Each Stocking tells a story, creating memories that can be enjoyed for years to come. We share these stories through our passion for luxurious fabrics and embellishments providing soft silky textured stockings that will represent a unique piece of art for you to take Home for the Holidays,

Large size stockings measure approximately 24" in height and have an opening of at least 8". Our medium stockings measure approximately 18" with an opening of at least 6".

View our gallery for a sampling. 
For more information and to place an order email us at ldioffice1@gmail.com